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Over the years, I have found many poems that remind me of Dark Shadows, as well as those which have become connected to the series.  I include many of them here.  If there are any I have left out, please e-mail me with the lyrics or poems, and I'll post them here.
Josette's Theme Lyrics - Published by 16 Magazine back in the 60's,  Check these out!

I Wait - Fan Poem written by Jeannie E. Furr.

Remember -I found this poem years ago in a gothic novel titled The Secret of  Haverly House  by Carolyn Bauman.  I don't recall much about the book, but the verses so reminded me of Collinwood, that I memorized them, and I can recite them clearly still today.
I'll Be With you Always -Written by Charles R. Grean
When I Am Dead -One of the poems recited by Jonathan Frid on the 1st DS album.  Written by Christina Rosetti.
Meditations -Written by Loren Grean,  Daughter of Charles Randolph Grean
Shadows of the Night -Words by Charles R. Grean.  Need I say more?
Epitaph -By Christina Rosetti
I, Barnabas -Another from the 1st DS album, words by Charles R. Grean
Epilogue -From Shakespeare's "The Tempest"
I'm Going To Dance For You - The original version, done by the inimitable Miss Pansy Faye herself!
I Wanna Dance With You - As performed by David Selby and Nancy Barrett

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