Vampire's Lament
Jeannie E Furr

I see nothing in the darkness before me but

A silver cross suspended in

The night, holding me in its cold

Vise-like grip as I struggle to rise.

I have entered another realm, a

Place bound to the outside world

By hate and lust,

And invisible chains bind me to

The past.

I have become the evil that walks by night,

The evil people fear will consume their innocence.

The darkness tempts me

With seductive promises of self-preservation

And the daylight mocks me as

An abberation, a beastly mutuant

Not fit to walk the paths of

My ancestors,

And I am lost,

Suspended between worlds

Of love and hate like a

Marionette with no master to

Give it a voice.

Nobody will dare to speak for me now.

When did the promise of life

Everlasting and the touch of

The hand of God become an

Eternally damning torture?

An orphaned child of the darkness,

I wait for freedom,

Denied my final rest by forces

Beyond any mortal's comprehension,

Denied my need for the warmth of love by

Those who fear me, those who

Cannot see me as I really am:

One of Destiny's forgotten children.

And so, alone and frightened,

I wait....


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