Josette's Music Box
-as published in 16 Magazine
by Peggy Marie Donaldson
Birmingham, Alabama
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Josette's Theme
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   Josette, dearest, please by my love.

   I need you more than all others above.

  Here I wait for your answer to me.

  My heart, my soul -- I give to thee.


   Yes, I love you,  -- Oh, yes, I do.

   And I will happily marry you.

    I will come to your home over there,

    And forever our two lives we'll share.


  Oh, Josette,  I love you true,

  But, God help me, what can I do?

  Angelique says I owe her my heart,

  That forever more we'll be apart.


   What's gone wrong, oh, Barnabas dear?

    Every breath of life I fear.

    A strange love for your uncle have I

    He's taken my heart, I've made you cry.


Barnabas, you will never marry Josette,

  Worse things still shall befall you yet.

   I curse you to die very soon ---

   Living Death will be your doom!

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