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Over the years, Dark Shadows fans have written  a lot of FanFic. Some of it is included here. So sit back, and get ready to lose yourself in the


I'm looking for more stories to post in this section. If you have a DS short story that you've written, either with a personally created character or simply a DS short story that you would like to share, send it to me e-mail and I'll post it here. ---Nancy

  • The Watcher -by Mary-Lynn Allard
  • The Boggart -by Cassandra Rademacher
  • Granny Was Right -by MsBouchard
  • The Journal of Angelique Bouchard - by Laramie Carlsen
  • The Good Mother -by Laramie Carlsen
  • Writ on Water Part I - by Zephyr
  • Writ on Water Part II -by Zephyr
  • Writ on Water Part III - by Zephyr
  • Writ On Water Part IV - by Zephyr
  • Writ On Water: Passage -by Zephyr
  • Easter Miracle - by Cassandra Rademacher DSTW Award Winner- 2001!
  • The Untold Tale - by Sheenasma - if you missed this excellent story on the Dominion boards, you really owe it to yourself to read it here!
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