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This is where you will find links to Dark Shadows© stories that I have the found time to post.  Over the course of time, this could be a big section-since I have a two-drawer file cabinet half full of DS© stuff I've written over the years! Any feedback on these stories can be sent to me private e-mail or through the Dark Shadows mailing list.

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Excerpts from my Dark Shadows Novel, "Winds Of Eternity"

A Brief History of the English Branch of the Collins Family - Includes a Family Tree of this little documented branch of the family

Destiny's Shadow -Short story about Quentin's visit with Chris, Sabrina, and Amy- DSTW Award Winner- 2000!

Fateful Meeting - Short story about how Vicki Winters might have fallen to her death at Widows' Hill

Confrontation -Short story written to cover a scene I wished the DS writers had written:  the first real meeting between Quentin Collins and Chris Jennings

Bramwell's Promise - This is a Short Story about Bramwell and Catherine's first meeting and the time leading up to Bramwell's return to Collinwood in 1841PT
Foreboding - This is a Short story that takes place just before Barnabas' trip to Martinique.
Patience Has It's Rewards-This is an alternate DS story-a "What if?" scenario.  What would the result have been if Angelique had chosen to allow the marriage of Barnabas and Josette to take place instead of losing her temper and going on a rampage?  This story is one possible answer to that question. DSTW Award Winner- 2001!
WARNING: Mature audiences only.  
Reformatted 14 Sept 2005
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Sarah - In 1972, Angelique brings her ten year old daugher, Sarah, to Julia in an attempt to find a cure for her illness.  Then Barnabas discovers that Sarah is also his child - -This is a new ongoing fanfic.
FourteenFifteenSixteenSeventeenEighteenEighteen-ANineteenTwenty Twenty-OneTwenty-TwoTwenty-ThreeTwenty-FourTwenty-FiveTwenty-Six
Rebecca's Revenge -In 1972, Barnabas Collins meets a young woman who is the exact double of a woman he is certain died at Collinwood while he was in Martinique. Why is she at Collinwood? What reason could she have for wanting to destroy the Collins family?This is another ongoing work, which shall be completed concurrently with the others if I have a demand for it.
Chapter One
Life is But a Dream - Barnabas Collins is haunted by strange dreams.
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