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Many of these can still bring a chill to my spine by simply reading them.  As I close my eyes, I can hear Jonathan Frid or David Selby, or any of the other wonderful actors on this show as they played the following scenes.  Thanks to the writers who wrote the wonderful dialogue, and to those actors for bringing those characters words to life.

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"You are a magician in a way, aren't you?"
"In a way. Yes."

---Maggie Evans and Nicholas Blair 1968

"An unfortunate fact of the human world. When two people wage war, the innocent are often caught in the crossfire."

---Nicholas Blair 1968

 "Too many things have happened in this house...too many things you can't explain...it's as if there's some evil force hovering over this house...some force that's trying to destroy this family."

---Mrs. Johnson 1968

 "For most men, time moves slowly, oh so slowly, they don't even realize it. But time has revealed itself to me in a very special way. Time is a rushing, howling wind that rages past me, withering me in a single, relentless blast, and then continues on. I've been sitting here passively, submissive to its rage, watching its work. Listen! Time, howling, withering!" 

-- Barnabas 1967

"Well, you can't say I didn't earn my salary today. The office was in a state of chaos. The secretaries are staying home from work because of these attacks that have been happening. They're afraid to leave their houses. We're terribly understaffed, and even I had to do some of the clerical work."

--Roger Collins 1967

"You know I can't escape.  Don't you think I've wanted to, tried to? I go out of this house almost every day, ride into town. Don't you think that while I'm there, I have the impulse to step on the gas, never stop drivin' until I'm thousands of miles away? I tried it a few times, but he's got this power. My will isn't my own. I keep seeing him, hearing him--he's done something to my mind!" 

-- Willie Loomis 1967

"But just the same, I wonder if that isn't why he always seems a little bit sad, a little bit lost.  Because he is lost in the present. He really does come from another time. He'll never find it. Because it's gone forever." 

--Vicki, talking about Barnabas 1967

"Someday I will meet a man.  A stranger.  But gentle.  And he shall be courtly and charming.  And he will love me as I want to be loved.  I've always dreamed of such a man.  And I know that we are destined to meet."

 -- Roxanne Drew 1840

"No, I will not stay here. I will go away and never come back. Never! That will be your punishment. I know there's good and I know there's evil, because I learned it from you. But you've forgotten it, Barnabas. You have to learn it all over again, and I'll never come back until you do.  Goodbye, Barnabas!"

--Sarah Collins 1967

"I set a curse upon you, Barnabas Collins!  You wanted your Josette so much, well, you shall have her-but not in the way that you would have chosen.   You will never rest, Barnabas!  And you will never be able to love anyone-for whoever loves you will die.  That is my curse, and you will live with it-through all eternity!" 

-- Angelique to Barnabas 1796 

"So this is how it ends.  Your beautiful face.  How quiet, as if you were asleep.  Am I never to see your eyes again?  So often, they looked at me with love, and I returned nothing but hatred.  I was blinded by my fury that my rejection of you caused.  And so, through the years, we battled and fought-and I never guessed that, beneath my rage, I felt a love as strong as yours."  

-- Barnabas' final farewell to Angelique 1841

"You've taken my soul  away from me, Catherine.  Without you, I have no life." 

-- Bramwell Collins 1841PT

"You may scream all you want, but no one will hear you.  Now, don't be afraid, my dear.  I'm not going to hurty you.  I wouldn't do anything to hurt my own flesh and blood." 

-- Barnabas to Carolyn 1967

"The Collins blood always had a rather-persistant strength."  

                                                                       -- Barnabas to Elizabeth, 1967

"Did you come to America to find a bride?"  
"That wasn't my sole purpose-but I shan't rule it out."  

-- Elizabeth and Barnabas, 1967 

"I've always loved Collinwood.  It's just as I remembered it."  
"Remembered it?  But you've never been here before."  
"But-I feel as though I have.  Descriptions, stories, they've all been handed down from generation to generation.  And being here now is like-returning to a memory from childhood."  

-- Barnabas and Elizabeth, 1967

"I wouldn't be a Collins if I didn't recognize that my heart, my soul, that my roots are here.  And- perhaps- my destiny."  

-- Barnabas 1967

" . . . The name Victoria is so beautiful to me.  I couldn't possibly sacrifice a syllable of it."  

-- Barnabas to Vicki, 1967

"Do you miss your home?" 
"I did.  For a long time.  But I don't anymore." 

-- David and Barnabas 1967

"I was a Collins.  Why didn't you protect me?  Where were you when I was turned into something that even my own father loathed?  If  his ghost is there with yours - tell him I've come home.  I claim this house as mine.  I am free now.  And alive.  The chains with which he bound me are broken.  And I have returned to live the life I never had.  Whatever that life may turn out to be." 

-- Barnabas to Josette's portrait 1967

"It will be a long time before this house falls apart.  It was built to last forever . . . Like the pyramids in Egypt." 
"You can't compare the pyramids to this house . . . The pyramids were designed to be tombs." 
"You're right.  This house was not designed to be a tomb." 

-- Barnabas and Vicki, 1967

"The beautiful exterior belied the hatred and distrust that lived beneath this roof.  Nothing was ever real here.  The love and happiness that one would expect was never lived in the lives of those who lived here." 

--  Barnabas to Vicki, 1967

"There was much bitterness in the family.  There were even those who would liked to have considered  Barnabas Collins dead.  But he lived on.  He lived on-and outlived his enemies." 

-- Barnabas to Elizabeth, 1967

What's gonna happen to me me?" 
"Well, I don't know, Willie.  That's sort of up to you, isn't it?" 
"No.  No, it's not up to me." 

-- Willie and Jason, 1967

"I have a feeling that house belongs to him - or maybe that he belongs to the house." 

-- Vicki, 1967

"You'll soon get used to your new identity." 
"What new identity?" 

-- Barnabas and Julia, 1967

"Our destiny was sealed those nights in Martinique." 

-- Angelique to Barnabas, 1795

"You're different here.  You're as cold as that wind outside your house." 
"I am not cold, but I want to be.  I have to be." 

-- Angelique and Barnabas, 1795

"Free me.  Bring me peace at last. . . . Do not condemn me to wander forever in endless agony.  Give me to the waiting  arms of death.  End my torment.  Please.  I beg of you." 

--Barnabas to Ben Stokes, 1796

"Some men  live their lives terrified. Terrified of the night  and all that is dark.  I will live my life eternally  in fear of the light of day." 

-- Barnabas 1796

"Men change.  And seldom for the better." 

-- Millicent Collins, 1786

"I have become an animal.  My instincts are to kill.  Everything about me has changed.  I am no longer your son!" 

-- Barnabas to Joshua, 1796

"My need is different from those of ordinary humans.  And when the time comes for me to fulfill those needs, I am helpless to resist." 

- Barnabas to Joshua, 1796

"You will not let me die.  I know.  You have robbed me of Josette.  Well, I am through loving . . . You need kill no one else.  I will never show love for a human being again.  Your curse is over!  I am what you made me - but I will never love again.  So go back to your grave!" 

-- Barnabas to Angelique, 1796

"Loathesome I am, and evil.  You can mock me for that.  But leave my pain alone!" 

-- Barnabas to Dave Woodward, 1967

"I am neither good nor gentle, Dr. Hoffman.  I do not forgive." 

-- Barnabas to Julia, 1967

"That evil is wicked is well understood.  The wicked are punished, so you must be good." 

-- Sarah Collins to Barnabas 1967

"Through sight and sound and faceless terror, Through endless corridors, by trial and error,  A head of blazing light does burn--and One door leads to the point of return." 

-- Cassandra's Dream Curse 1968

"Julia. . . if both Barnabas and my creation live . . . Barnabas will be free and healthy as long as Adam lives. . . . If Adam dies, then Barnabas Collins will be - as he was - before." 

-- Dr. Lang 1968

"I had the gun in my hand.  Why didn't I do it?  I value life now that I am human.  Is it that simple?  Even the life of a woman who has done everything she can to make my life a hell?" 

-- Barnabas 1968

". . .  A  who had a unique dream.  He believed he could create a human being.  He believed that his creation woudl have the strength of a lion  and the mind of a genious.  Two months ago, his dream became reality . . . the result was that you began to breathe, to live . . ." 

-- Prof. T. Eliot Stokes to Adam, 1968

"Oh, Barnabas.  If we could simply begin again.  Will you never let us?  Will you never forget?" 
"No.  I will not." 

-- Angelique and Barnabas 1897

"Collinwood casts a long shadow." 

-- Beth Chavez, 1897

"Alright.  We'll travel. . . .  Paris, Berlin, Rome." 
"It sounds wonderful." 
"And when the night comes, we can all look up at the sky - and watch the moon." 

-- Quentin and Beth, 1897

"Let me give you one word of advice, Dr. Hoffman.  The pursuit of Barnabas Collins can lead to nothing but misery.  He is a cold, harsh, unresponsive man." 
"Who made him that way?" 

-- Angelique and Julia, 1897

"I've been through this with him before, you know.  He will never forget Josette.  He will always keep hunting for her." 

-- Julia to Quentin, 1897

"I don't want wanything to happen to Barnabas Collins.  Do you?" 

-- Julia to Quentin, 1897

"There I am as I truly am, Doctor.  Every slight, every act  of cruelty I ever committed is written on that face.  Every cheat!  Every lie!  Every trick!" 

-- Quentin to Julia, 1970

"Angelique and I . . . are not friends." 
"You're much closer than friends.  You're enemies.  I know that neither of you could resist torturing each other. . . . She'll remember you long after she's forgotten me." 

-- Barnabas and Sky Rumsen, 1970

"Are you closely related?" 
" . . . distant enough to be reckless." 

-- Jebez Hawkes and Quentin, 1970

" . . . the Leviathans . . . For a long time, Barnabas was associated with them, but now he's become their most dedicated enemy and he means to use every power he has to stop them." 

-- Angelique to Sky, 1970

"The truth is, my interest in you  in the past was never more than a device  intended to upset Barnabas.  I was very good at devices.  Perhaps,  in spite of my feelings for Sky, Barnabas has always been my one true love." 

-- Angelique Quentin, 1970

"It feels good to be back int he house.  I once knew it so well. I lived here, loved.  For awhile, I was very happy." 

-- Angelique, 1970

"Quentin, this house is a house of lies.  The only way to bring these people back to the truth is to smile and lie as much as they do." 

-- Julia, 1970

"He was quite an unusual fellow, Quentin Collins . . . He  was cruel, terrifying, perhaps even murderous when he couldn't get his own way.  And yet, you know, I'm fascinated  by that man." 

-- Roger Collins 1970

"He looks like a man that you could love." 

--Lazlo to Angelique, 1840

"And when he smiles, does his face suddenly go  gentle?" 
"He didn't smile at me." 

-- Angelique and Lazlo, 1840

"Can't you in your heart find a little mercy for me?  You can be so good and gentle toward others." 
"I cannot be good and gentle to my enemies." 
"Perhaps, in time, you will not consider me one of them." 

--Angelique and Barnabas, 1840

"What is the truth?" 
"That I love you.  No matter how much I fight my feelings, I will always love you." 

-- Barnabas and Angelique, 1840

"Angelique, we cannot love at will - anymore than we can prevent our love." 

--Barnabas, 1840

"I love you, Angelique.  After all these years, all that's happened between us.  I can say it now because I know it's true.  I love you.  Angelique- No,  Angelique.  You never heard me.  You were never to know until it was too late." 

-- Barnabas, 1841

"We'll never forget - any of them, Barnabas." 

-- Julia, 1971

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