My Memories of
Dark Shadows

Back in 1967, my family was in the process of moving from Tennessee back to Texas, and I found myself watching soap operas with my mother during the time I was out of school. She watched the regular stuff-"As the World Turns", "General Hospital", but the one that struck my fancy was the last one of the day. It was different. The first episodes I recall were set around 1800, and there was a vampire--Yes, the series was called "Dark Shadows", and I was hooked. That summer, I watched every day, and when school started, my parents bought me a small, reel to reel tape recorder, which my mother used to record the day's episode. I would rush home from school (only a block, but still too late to see the show), listen to the tape, and Mama would tell me about the action that went with what I was hearing. Soon, I was keeping a daily log of the show in my diary. When I started running out of room on the page, I knew I was in trouble, so I began a notebook.I maintained that journal until the show ended in 1971. I also made a scrapbook. I still have both-or all, I should say, sincethe journal is in three different books. I graduated to a cassette recorder when the other one bit the dust, and still have one or two of those episodes on audio tape. I've always felt I was lucky to have a mother who would take the trouble to record the show as mine did for me.

When the show ended, I was devastated. I wrote stories about it,keeping it alive in my memory, read my journal-but never thought to see it again. Then, one day, a local station began reruns of Dark Shadows, and I watched when I could, since I was now out on my own and working and had no one to turn on the recorder for me. Later, when I was able to get a VCR, I started taping episodes and filling in the gaps in my journals. I've never been fortunate enough to see the entire run of the series.

When I heard that the SCI-FI channel was going to show Dark Shadows, I was pleased, but I still couldn't watch it. We didn't have cable, and even if we had, our local company didn't carry SCI-FI, and had no plans to start. It wasn't until I was able to get a satellite dish that I was able to watch it again. I've bought several of the videos from MPI and hope one day to be able to buy all of them.

My proudest moments regarding the show came at a Dark Shadows Con in Dallas, Texas several years ago, when Jonathan Frid took my scrapbook to look at and then autographed it for me.

I've had some short stories published in a couple of fanzines, and one of my fan novels, dealing with Barnabas and Angelique, was published a little over a year ago.

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